U.P.Y.F. (Universal Proutist Youth Federation is a world wide moralist organization of youths. U.P.Y.F is based on Prout (progressive utilization Theory).

Words for Youth by Shri P. R. Sarkar

The Role Of Youth !!

"The nature of life is to change and to grow. Where there is no change, it is just like the condition of death. In all living structures, the young are resilient and open to change. If a limb of a child is broken, it heals quickly. If a child is mentally wounded, he or she soon recovers. When new ideas and technology come forward, it is the young minds that can grasp them. The old become fossilized. To move the old is an effort; for the old to adapt to change is difficult.

Progressive Utilization Theory is a solution of the current economic crisis: Moti Techchandani

Progressive Utilization Theory is a solution of the current economic crisis: Moti Techchandani

Moti Teckchandani, a senior Proutist Universal member, was the one of 500 people who attended the “Occupy Wall Street“ protest in Hong Kong on October 8, 2011.

Dr. Ravi Batra's lecture

Dr. Ravi Batra's lecture was organised by the North Texas of Housing Association. People can get more information in the website www.nthousingproviders.com where his lecture is posted.

Proutists have been participating in the General Assembly meeting of the United Nations

It is said that we do not own this earth; we borrow it for our children. Whether you may be rich or poor, global warming is a challenge for our life. Floods, hurricane, and earthquake have made people suffer. People's deaths have increased. There are 6.5 billion populations in the world. Climate change can impact everybody's life. It is big threat of humanity. Business leaders, Governments, and NGOs can make difference to save the world. Deforestation, clean fuel system, and clean electricity can reduce pollution. Today water crisis is also a problem.

Global Financial Crisis

Global financial crisis: ‘A lot more is yet to come’

D. Murali and Goutam Ghosh

Chennai, Aug. 17: The current liquidity crisis that central bankers around the world are battling with is “just the tip of the vast American mortgage iceberg, and is likely to simmer in the coming months,” says Dr Ravi Batra, Head, Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, US.

Short article on PU's Sectorial Seminar by Tattvika Dhruva

A number of senior and junior Proutists, including
myself, attended the recent Proutist Universal Sectorial
Seminar, Aug 10, 11 and 12, in Pennsylvania, USA. The
setting was the Master Unit of Ananda Vratii. Not only
was the location beautiful, naturally uplifting and
hospitable but the event was a great launch for the next
round of local seminars around the sector for remaining
2007. The group of participants was small, roughly a
dozen, split between adult and youth members. Rainjana,
the youngest present, spent more than a day to get to

Good News from South America

Brazil, Porto Alegre:

Children's Yoga Class in Dallas,TX

Namaska'r Dada.
I would like to share the Free Yoga class for Kids program conducted in Dallas.

Retreat in Russia

Baba Nam Kevalam

Namaskar to all

Hope you are well by His grace.

Our retreat in Far East Russia in New MU yesteraday finished.

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