The Universe

by Rasaviharii

About 14 billion years ago a giant nebula of gasses swirling around in the vastness of space had gathered enough gravitational force to ignite a giant black hole in its center. This was the birth of our Milky Way galaxy (this is the event that the “cosmic background radiation” points to, and not some sort of “big bang” birth of our Universe). About 4.5 billion years ago a star, we call the sun, gave off a big puff of gasses called a “planetary nebula”. These gasses started swirling within themselves and formed the planets of this solar system. About 4 billion years ago a meteor from some far off galaxy carrying some virus particles struck this planet. These viruses evolved, through a process known as pleomorphism, into the cyanobacteria. These cyanobacteria converted our methane atmosphere into an oxygen atmosphere. From them came the oxygen-breathing bacteria and all the other oxygen-breathing forms of life.

Around 6 million years ago there was a migration of saber-tooth leopards into Eastern Africa. The apes that were living there had two choices since the trees were no longer a safe place for them. Some migrated to West Africa and evolved into all the ape species we have today. They ones that stayed in East Africa found that they could run to the water and be safe from the leopards. They became known as the Australopithecus species. However, the supply of fruits that were within a safe distance from the water became unfit to sustain their populations, so a group of them moved out to the plains where there were no leopards and became known as the Australopithecus robustus. They learned how to eat roots and developed a bony ridge on top of their head and giant jaw muscles. Most of them went extinct, but a few of them remain today and are known as the Big Foot or Yeti.

The Australopithecines that remained living by the lakes in the jungle went on to become the Homo habilis species, and eventually learned how to use sharpened rocks as tools. One group of them, known as the Neanderthals, migrated out of Africa and started populating Europe and Asia. The ones that stayed in Africa went on developing their hunting skills and evolved into the modern Homo sapiens about 1 million years ago. Eventually they left Africa in three groups. The ones that went up into Europe became known as the Aryans, and due to their hunting skills, killed off all of the Neanderthals living there. Another group migrated into Southern Asia and became known as the Dravidians. The last group that left Africa went into Northern and Eastern Asia and started interbreeding with the Neanderthals and they became known as the Mongoloids. The ones that stayed in Africa became known as the Negroids. Eventually, the Aryans and the Dravidians started interbreeding and settled down in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and had built rafts which could carry them to the continent of Atlantis off the West coast of Africa. Eventually, the Dravidians and the Mongoloids started interbreeding, and settled down in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Around 13,000 years ago these hunter-gatherers discovered agriculture. This event took place in 6 places; the Aryan-Dravidians of Atlantis and Egypt, the pure Dravidians of Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, and Ganges River, and finally the pure Mongoloids of China. Around 11,000 years ago the Aryans of Europe, who had not figured out agriculture yet, started to invade the lands of the Dravidians in the Indus Valley and Ganges River area. Also around that time, news of agriculture finally spread through the Dravidian-Mongoloids, who by then had made it all the way to South America and became known as the Incas.

Around 7,000 years a great pole shift took place. Before that time the Aryan-Dravidians of Egypt and Atlantis had taken the age-old tradition of “medicine man” to a new level, and evolved a very advanced system of witchcraft. This involved building large temples and probably rituals such as human sacrifice to appease their Goddess of Nature. But around 7,000 years ago the first system of science and philosophy came from the Dravidians of India. Subsequently, there was a catastrophic event which caused the sinking of the Atlantis continent into the area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle (which is actually just the opposite of a volcano). The old-Egyptian and the Mesopotamian civilizations collapsed as well. Some of the Egyptians remained but converted their religion from the worship of Isis (Goddess of Nature) to Ra (the Sun God). Some of the pure Dravidians from Mesopotamia escaped and settled down on the island of Sri Lanka and became the Tamil speaking people. At the time of the pole shift, the Aryans which had been invading the lands of the Dravidians in the Indus Valley and Ganges River stopped killing those people and started interbreeding, but kept most of their practices of God and Goddess worship. This is where the religion of Hinduism came from. And finally, at the time of the pole shift, some of the Aryan-Dravidians from Atlantis escaped to South America and became known as the Aztecs. The Aztecs coexisted for sometime after the pole shift, but eventually they picked up their practice of witchcraft and human sacrifice again, and began invading on the lands of the Dravidian-Mongoloids which had already been living there.

Eventually in the new-Egyptian civilization there was an uprising of the working class people. They were tired of being poor and wanted to convert their religion from the worship of Ra, the Sun God, to El, the God of the planet Saturn (which makes sense because if anybody knows anything about Astrology, Saturn is the planet of material wealth). So these people left Egypt and took the name Is (from Isis), Ra (Sun God), and El (Saturn) and formed a new civilization known as Is-ra-el. They also switched their holy day from “Sun-day” to “Saturn-day”. During this time the practice of witchcraft started to flourish again particularly with the Aztecs, the Israelites, and some of the Hindu tyrants of India and Pakistan. Around 3,500 years ago there was another pole shift which brought and end to the rule of these people and their practice of invading the lands of others. A massive volcano in the Mediterranean Sea buried some of the hostile tribes of Israel. Again, a peaceful situation lasted for some time after this second pole shift.

Around 2,500 years ago a profit by the name of Buddha appeared in India, but his teachings were quickly distorted. Around 2000 years ago a profit by the name of Jesus, who had traveled to India during his teens and twenties, traveled back to the Middle East, but his teachings were also distorted (especially once the Romans got a hold of them). And around 1,500 years ago a profit by the name of Muhammad left India, but his teachings were also distorted as they spread towards the Middle East.

In the lands of Southwest Russia, one entire Aryan civilization known as the Khazars converted to the religion of Judaism (even though they were not from the 12 tribes of Israel). They started spreading into Europe and became known as the Ashkenazi Jews. During the Crusades, there was a group of warriors known as the Knights Templar which had been granted special permission by the Vatican to charge interest on loans made to crusaders going to the Holy Lands. They became the world’s first bankers. They were also in search of the secret knowledge of witchcraft which had been carefully preserved by the Jewish Kabbalists living in Israel. After being granted little pieces of this knowledge (enough to make them subservient to the Kabbalists), the Knights Templar moved back to Europe and started spreading, particularly amongst the Ashkenazi living there. However, the Vatican got tired of their political and financial manipulations and started persecuting them. Most of non-Ashkenazi Templars moved to Scotland and became known as the Free Masons. During the period of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, the Ashkenazi profited greatly with their banking skills. At the beginning of the 1600’s, the Queen of England died without an heir, and so the Princess of Scotland took the thrown, which provided a very safe haven for both the Ashkenazi and the Free Masons.

One Ashkenazi named Isaac Luria who wrote a book called the Lurian Kabbalah, encouraged the Ashkenazi to take on the disguise of Christians and Muslims in order to infiltrate those governments and religions, as well as providing them justification for starting wars in order to profit from them, all in the name of doing “God’s work”. One Lurian Kabbalist named Sabbatai Zevi, who had become particularly skilled in witchcraft, declared himself as the messiah of all Jewish people and tried to return to Israel. He was of course, not accepted by the mainstream, but some of his believers started the movement known today as political Zionism, the right to return to Israel (even though most of the Ashkenazi never lived in Israel before).

After sending the Free Masons to America and profiting greatly from selling the weapons of the Revolutionary War, the Lurian Kabbalists sent the Free Masons from England into the rest of Europe to begin what was known as “the Age of Enlightenment”, and in particular to profit from the Napoleonic Wars. Even though Napoleon started off as a loyal Free Mason, he went against the Vatican (which by that time had already been infiltrated by the Lurian Kabbalists), and was sent to Russia (although he didn’t die there, it was effectively the end of his reign). One Lurian Kabbalist, and believer in the messiah Sabbatai Zevi, who goes by the name of Rothschild, had received prior knowledge of the fact that Napoleon had lost the battle in Russia and devised a plan to start investing in the stock markets of England as if Napoleon had won. Because most of the other investors looked up to him, they also began to invest their stocks as if Napoleon had won. As soon as news reached England that Napoleon had lost the battle in Russia, the other investors lost their stocks, all of which were bought up by Rothschild for next to nothing.

During the 1800’s the Rothschild’s friends and families profited greatly from selling the weapons of the American Civil War. The Southern States of America knew that the only way they could become independent was to break away from the Rothschild’s banks, and so one of their first moves was to start printing their own money. After the war, Abraham Lincoln also tried to take the power away from the Rothschild bankers by printing his own money, for which he was assassinated (the only other President who tried to print his own money was John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated for not only that, but also for refusing to fight in Vietnam, and had he stayed alive, America would probably not have been able to pull off the fake moon landings). Also during the 1800’s the Rothschild families profited greatly from the immunization techniques of Louis Pasteur (and the subsequent suppression of Antoine Bechamp, whose techniques could have saved us from Cancer, AIDS, and almost all the other degenerative diseases we are still struggling with today). At the end of the century, the Rothschild bankers profited greatly from the whole industrial era, and in particular, the petroleum industry, and the electric grid-power plant system of Thomas Edison (with the subsequent suppression of Nikolai Tesla, whose could have provided us with completely renewable, safe, and clean energy for free).

At the beginning of the 1900’s Germany had gotten into some territorial disputes with some of their neighboring countries and the Rothschild families devised a way to profit off this as well. They told the government of England that they could bring America to fight the Germans in exchange for the rights to the lands of Israel. As soon as the Balfour Declaration was signed to this effect, America suddenly switched from being pro-German to anti-German (being that almost all major newspaper, magazine, and book publishers, as well as movie and television producers, have been exclusively owned by Rothschild families). America came to attack Germany after the advertent sinking of the Lusitania (a trick repeated in Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the London Bombings to name a few).

After profiting from weapons manufacturing on both sides of World War I, the Rothschild families wanted to start populating their newly acquired lands of Israel. First they invented a new doctrine known as Communism and started trying to convince the Ashkenazi of Russia to migrate to Israel. The Bolshevik revolution paid a heavy toll on both the non-Ashkenazi of Russia and the Ashkenazi who refused to migrate to Israel (although there was no Ashkenazi in China, the Rothschild bankers entered and profited greatly off the Communist revolution there as well).
After doing what they could do in Asia, the Rothschild families planned a migration for the Ashkenazi from the rest of Europe to Israel. Again however, many of them refused to go. So they bailed a ruffian out of jail, funded him, and armed him with a doctrine known as Nazism. Hitler (who was himself one quarter Ashkenazi) rounded up as many Jewish people as he could, and shipped them down to Israel in German boats. Because the Rothschild families by that time had full control of the Federal Reserve Bank of America, and the printing of all money there, they sent massive amounts of money to Israel to assist them in their resettlement and to buy their silence about the fact that most of them did not die in the so-called “concentration camps” (some did, of course, die in concentration camps from disease, as would be expected after cramming so many people in such a small space, but the fact that the concentration camps had swimming pools, theaters, kitchens, sleeping quarters and medical facilities is attest to the fact that no one was sent there for the purpose of extermination, rather they were mostly used as temporary holding depots for transportation to Israel as well as labor camps). The reason that the major concentration camps were in Poland instead of Germany was because they were part of the same immigration network set up during the Bolshevik revolution carrying Jewish people away from Russia.

After profiting from the weapons manufacturing on both sides of World War II, the Rothschild families then set up the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and eventually the World Bank-International Monetary Foundation. Being that the Lurian Kabbalists and their Free Mason stooges, have made their way to the tops of almost all the major countries, most of the conflicts that go on are entirely pre-planned through a process known as “controlled opposition”. But as with anybody who plays around too much with fire eventually getting burned, things will soon get out of hand. There will probably be a clash between the three major dogmatic religions; that is Christianity, Islam, and Judeo-Masonry. This is all part of the third pole shift, a natural pattern of rise and fall of the forces of witchcraft on this planet. Fortunately, after this final conflict, peace will reign on the planet just as it did after the two previous pole shifts.

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