(based on the concept of PROUT philosophy)

Ac Siddhayogananda Avt

Human society is movement in unison of those person who have decided to bridge the gap between the first expression of moralism and the establishment of cosmic fraternity . the feeling of cosmic fraternity can only develop when there is an effort to foster cosmic sentiment. Without morality as the base of human society, cosmic sentiment or cosmic fraternity is impossibility.
Morality is that set of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ which guide, inspire and lead the mind to the universal outlook of Neo-Humanism. As a result, human beings work collectively for the welfare of all, maintaining harmony and progressive adjustment among plant world, animal world and human world- an all engulfing endeavor truly
reflects the spirit of universalism. This is the vision of Prout.
To achieve this social vision of universalism Prout suggests the formation of world government: and for the success of world govt. following factors are needed:-
a) common philosophy of life
b) same constitutional structure
c) common penal code
d) availability of the minimum essentials of life
World govt. must have its own militia. This political structure of world govt. will help develop the social outlook of cosmic fraternity: and then only a true human society can be established.
Other factors which can contribute to the universalism are –
a) World literature
b) Global cultural synthesis
c) Global trade zone
d) One world language as Lingua- Franca
e) Global fiscal policy
But Regionalism is the greatest hindrances in the formation of world govt. and establishment of Universalism. What is Regionalism?
It is love for a particular region or state in preference to the entire world as a whole. Regionalism finds its ground very fast if a country suffers from the following ills and evils-
a) Excessive concentration of administrative power
b) Excessive concentration of political power
c) Imposition of a particular language and cultural pattern on all the people and group
d) Regional imbalances in the growth of economy
e) Absence of common ideology
f) All sorts of narrow sentiments such as geo-sentiments and socio-sentiments
Regionalism is a narrow divisive and disintegrating forces which causes harm and downfall of human society. It is responsible for perpetuating poverty, racial discord, socio-political tension, economic backwardness, communal disturbances, cultural degeneration, psycho-economic exploitation, secession etc.

The applied side of Prout (i.e Samaj Movement) will bridge the gap step by step and will break the barriers of all narrow ‘isms’ including regionalism and finally establish cosmic fraternity and universalism. Though Samaj movement’s approach is regional but the spirit is universal.
Samaj movement is a socio-economic movement based on anti exploitation sentiment aiming at comprehensive unbarred expression of every individual and collective human society with its universal spirit and regional application. By forming Smajas(socio-economic units) throughout the world on the following factors-
· Same ethnic group
· Same sentimental legacy ( tradition, culture, language etc.)
· Similar economic problems
· Similar economic potentialities
Prout aims to,

· To develop self-sufficient socio-economic units in all parts of the world
· To liberate mankind from the psycho-economic exploitation
· To encourage unbarred and all round expression of every indivisual of the society.
· To promote cultural regeneration, elevation and synthesis
So the Samaj movement on one hand insures the guaranteed provision of minimum essentials of life and progressive increase of physical amenities by making the self sufficient economic zones. It thus, help maintain dynamic equilibrium and equipoise (Prama) in physical stratum. At the same time, protecting the sentimental legacy and promoting cultural regeneration, elevation and synthesis, the movement will liberate humanity the shackles of all psychic complexes, narrow sentiments, dogmas. This will restore balance in psychic stratum.
At the first stage, different popular Samaj movements will be launched throughout the world which is of ever-expanding nature. The smaller units will merge into bigger units; and a day may come when entire south-east Asia will become one socio-economic zone based on the following four factors:
1) Diminishing economic disparities
2) Development of science and communication
3) Administrative efficiency
4) Cultural mixing
This will gradually bring the whole world under one administrative structure.
At the next stage, ideological movement will be launched which will establish us in universalism because its approach is universal as well as its spirit will also be universal.
Finally, the process of merger of smaller socio-economic units into bigger units and launching of ideological movements based on Proutistic principles will set the world usher in the era of universalism.

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